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News from the leadership meeting with ACC 2017:

The İstanbul Consortium Chapter was recognized as a distinguished chapter because of the activities we have performed during the past year. The ACC leadership offered several opportunities to our chapter:

  1. The ACC offered to perform online conferences with key opinion leaders from the ACC.
  2. The opportunity to write editorials in the JACC were presented.
  3. The opportunity to twin with a US Chapter was discussed. This will lead to exchange opportunities for young physicians as well as different levels of scientific collaboration.
  4. Providing Cardiosource to FIT’s from our Chapter Countries will continue.
  5. A regional Middle East Conference will be organized with the ACC in Jeddah this year in October and our chapter will participate with speakers, abstracts and posters.

TSC fully supports its Past President Prof. Dr. Cetin Erol for ESC Vice Presidency

It is a pleasure for us to inform you of our Board decision to fully support our Past President Prof. Dr. Çetin Erol, FESC, FACC for the position of one of the 3 Vice Presidencies in the ESC Board for the term 2016-2018.

The ESC community knows him very well as the Councillor of the Board of ESC for 2014-16 term with his immense efforts to activate several National Societies and motivate their involvement in ESC activities.

We are sure that he will have even greater contribution to ESC ideals as a Vice President now and facilitate reaching its aims.

We hope that you will also support Prof. Cetin Erol’s Vice Presidency.

Sincerely Yours,

Prof. Dr. Lale Tokgozoglu, FESC, FACC
Prof. Dr. Mahmut Sahin, FESC
President Elect
President of the Scientific Committee

ACC-ICC General Assembly and Elections Held in Antalya

The General Assembly and elections of the ACC İstanbul Consortium Chapter took place on October 24, 2014 in Antalya during the 30th Turkish Cardiology Congress with the participation of ACC Immediate Past President John Harold. Although the FACCs of the region are a small group of around 30, there was good participation and our activities were well appreciated. The 3+3+3 year rule was accepted and continuity within board was emphasised and accepted since ACC-ICC is such a small but expanding group. In addition to FACCs, the Presidents of the Societies of Azerbaycan, Turkmenistan, Kazakistan, Kirghizstan were also invited since they have altogether 2-3 fellows and they need to increase number of FACCs. They all met with John Harold and promised to increase fellowship. The next meetings of the chapter will be in Bosnia and İstanbul in spring 2015.

The elected new Board is as follows:

Governor: Prof. Oktay Ergene

Governor Elect: Prof. Lale Tokgozoglu

Representative of Turkic World Cardiology Association: Prof. Omer Kozan

Board members: Prof. Sasko Kedev (Macedonia), Prof. Mirza Dilic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


A Successful Joint Meeting: Atherosclerosis Symposium at Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

A Group of Speakers_20150411_141816 A Group of Speakers_20150411_151444 Chairs and Prof. Dilek Ural_20150411_130837 Dr.AzraNalbantic_Prof. LaleTokgozoglu_20150411_135352 Presidents Zumreta Kusljugic Lale Tokgozoglu_20150411_133749 Prof. Belma Pojskic20150411_131943 Prof. Meral Kayikcioglu_20150411_141454 Prof. N. Koylan_Prof. M. Ersanlı_20150411_130709 Registration Desk_20150411_122955

6th Meeting on Novelties in Interventional Treatment of Valvular Heart Diseases 6th Meeting on Novelties in Interventional Treatment of Valvular Heart Diseases

Turkish FACCs at ACC.15

You can view "Reflection from ACC 2015" from here.

6th Meeting on Novelties in Interventional Treatment of Valvular Heart Diseases

ACC Istanbul Consortium Chapter organized a meeting entitled 6th Meeting on Novelties in Interventional Treatment of Valvular Heart Diseases in Istanbul.

There were 185 participants interested in this subject from all over Turkey. 11 speakers and 23 discussants were mainly from Europe. ACC was represented by Murat Tuzcu and Susheel Kodali.


3rd Scientific Sessions in Beirut, Lebanon

ACC Istanbul Consortium Chapter’s Third Scientific Sessions was realized in Beirut, Lebanon on September 9-11, 2011. The planning of the meeting was started together with the Past President Prof. Dr. Elie Chamas and meeting realized during the presidency of Dr. Samir Arnaout, Albanian in origin.
The meeting was started with the welcoming speeches made by Prof. Dr. Chamas, Prof. Dr. Arnaout, President of the Turkish Society of Cardiology Prof. Dr. Oktay Ergene and the ACC-ICC President Prof. Dr. Tokgozoglu.
The sessions were named as

  • Hypertension and Cardiovascular Prevention
  • Atrial Fibrillation 2011
  • Miscellaneous Topics in Clinical Cardiology.

The excellent presentations of the celebrated faculty were well received by the active participation of the audience bringing together 200 cardiologists from Lebanon, Turkey and Macedonia.
During the social program, all parties shared the same enthusiasm and hope to develop and conduct joint studies in the future.

4th Scientific Sessions once again in Skopje, Macedonia

ACC Istanbul Consortium Chapter held its 4th Scientific Sessions once again in Skopje, Macedonia on May 4-5, 2012. President of the Macedonian Society of Cardiology and Board Member of the ACC-ICC Prof. Dr. Sasko Kedev and his friends showed their sincere hospitality once again. The two teams came together first on December 3-4, 2010.
The second Skopje meeting was planned in two sessions, with four presentations during each session.
The titles of the sessions were

  • Update in Cardiology
  • Coronary Heart Disease.

In the first session Update in Hypertension Treatment, New Lipid Guidelines, Controversial Issues in Heart Failure and Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation were discussed.
Patient-oriented therapy for STEMI and Non-STE ACS, Treatment of Stable Coronary Artery Disease and Antithrombotic and Antiplatelet Strategies were presented by the speakers.
More than 250 participants were engaged in comprehensive discussions during the questions and answers sections of each session, during the breaks and even during the friendly dinner.
Further plans for collaboration were also developed during the dinner and even fellowship projects were discussed especially in cardiac imaging and interventional cardiology.
The participants and speakers all exerted their strong will to come together more frequently.

ACC-Istanbul Consortium Chapter Web site:

The web site was designed in total accordance with the ACC’s web site and decorated with a composition of two characteristic images of the city of two continents: The first Bosphorus Bridge linking Europe and Asia and the Ortakoy Mosque.
The first bridge is almost totally used for daily internal city traffic, turning the extraordinary concept of “intercontinental traffic” into an almost natural routine. On the other hand, Ortakoy Mosque is another symbol of the city with all its history and culture: Ordered and financed by the Ottoman Sultans,  constructed in the middle of the Bosphorus and designed in Neo Baroque style and built by the royal architects from Armenian origin. Next to it, the same architects constructed the third residential palace of the Ottoman sultans –Ciragan-. The two images unite to accentuate the intercontinental, intercultural and of course international charactersitics of Istanbul, a metropolis for more than 5000 years incessantly.
The web site is opened for international reach in the beginning of the 2012 summer and frequently updated.

Plans for the 2012-2013 period

  1. An ACC Fellowship drive will be initiated in the region and information obtained from the ACC will be distributed to all the regional countries. Former fellows will also be contacted and be informed about the activities of the Chapter.
  2. A fellowship exchange program will be developed for the purpose of exchange of information between Cardiologists from the USA and the countries that are a member of the Chapter. The board members will work on the details and have proposal ready by the ACC Meeting
  3. The Board members will readjourn during the ACC. A meeting with ACC leading group will also be planned.
    We are sure that such a close cooperation and the opportunity to meet more often will support our academic and clinic progress in person and nationwise and will strengthen our support to the general aims and mission of the ACC