1. The maximum dimension of the poster must be 70cm X 90cm and the writing on the poster should be readable from 2 meters.
  2. Posters should be prepared as MS Word Document in accordance with abstract fulltext editorial guidelines.
  3. All text of the poster have to be written with Arial character. The Poster title, author names and contact address should be min.26-40 pt and the other text should be in 16-18 pt font size.
  4. Posters should consist of "introduction, objective, method, result and conclusions" parts; keywords and references should also be added as the abstract fulltext. Colored Figures and/or Pictures can be used.
  5. Poster owners will bring their poster printed.
  6. Posters will be placed on boards numbered by the Organization Committee.
  7. The Organization Committe staff will help the poster owners for attaching their posters.
  8. Poster owners are required to be present at specified date and time in the poster area and provide information about their studies.
  9. Poster owners will take down their posters at the end of the time spared to them. The posters not removed by the owners will be considered trash.